Help Feed Cincinnati

There are 148,000 food insecure families in Cincinnati. With the Community Plates app, we can help deliver the food they need.

La Soupe is growing! We have made incredible impact on hunger in our community with a relatively small number of partnerships with local grocers and growers. But if we can salvage ten times more food, we can feed ten times more people. And we can.

We are now engaged with the Community Plates app that opens the way for explosive growth. It’s a volunteer’s dream, making the task of food rescue simple, efficient and rewarding. What if Cincinnati was known as the city that transformed the way our entire nation addresses hunger and food waste? Come join us

How it works

Surplus, fresh food is donated by restaurants and markets.

Local volunteers donate their time, vehicles and fuel to rescue fresh food

Receiving agencies distribute rescued food to food-insecure people in their area.